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Guidance Department

Ericka Burkey
High School Couselor

Room H115

CEEB Code: 363-850



We are now in H115, located on the first floor, last door on the left. 


Guidance Events

Schedule Pick-Ups

Thursday, August 10

Grades 10-12: 9-11 AM

Grade 9 Pick-up/Orientation: 6-7 PM

Open House: 7-8 PM


Class of 2018 News:

1. DC Trip Information Letter-Deposit money ($100) is due to Mrs. Burkey by August 14, 2017. Please make sure you include Mrs. Burkey's name on the envelope if you're mailing it to school. We need 40 seniors to attend for the trip to take place! Please refer to the information that was mailed home in the middle of July. Additional copies of those letters are available outside the guidance office.



























Career Advising

This policy has been developed as prescribed in R.C. 3313.6020 and the State Board of Education's Model Policy. This policy shall be updated at least once every two (2) years. The policy shall be made available to students, parents/guardians/custodians, and local postsecondary institutions, residents of the District, and shall be posted on the District web site.

Career advising is an integrated process that helps students understand how their personal interests, strengths and values might predict satisfaction and success in school and related career fields, as well as how to tie these interests and strengths to their academic and career goals. Students need to have access to comprehensive resources and support to prepare for their future success. Through relevant classroom instruction, career-related learning experiences, and a program of counseling and advising, students can discover their interests and explore academic and career pathway options.

The District’s Career Advising Plan shall include:

  1. Grade-level examples that link students’ schoolwork to one (1) or more career fields.
  2. Career advising to students in grades K-12, which includes age-appropriate activities and also includes creating and maintaining a Student Success Plan beginning in grade 6.
  3. Documentation on career advising provided for review by the student, student’s parent, guardian or custodian, and schools the student may attend in the future.
  4. The supports necessary for students to have successful transitions from high school to their postsecondary destinations, including interventions and services for students in need of remediation in mathematics and English language arts.


  • ACT Identification Letter