Strategic Planning

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The South Range Local Schools District Board of Education convened a diverse group of community members and school district staff and administrators to consider and debate the status and future of the district. These discussions resulted in a comprehensive strategic plan, including a vision statement, a revised mission statement, a set of core values, and four new, over-arching district goals, each with a set of measurable and actionable objectives.

District staff and community members with expertise or interest in these goal areas are serving on action teams for the new or ongoing objectives aligned directly with each of the goals. As the objectives are implemented, new ones will be discussed, planned and initiated.

Additional Info

The Community Centerpiece Building on Excellence

At South Range Schools, we educate, empower and enable each student to become a caring and contributing citizen in a diverse global climate, focusing on individual pathways to success while maintaining respect and responsibility for our community.

Core Values
At South Range, our school community values...

  • Our School Family
  • Our Traditions
  • Our Dedication and Commitment
  • Our District Pride
  • Our Academic Integrity
  • Our Safe and Secure Environment
  • Our Support for Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our Goals
We successfully prepare students for the rigors associated with an ever-changing technological society, postsecondary success and state mandates by establishing strong academic foundations across the curriculum.

Because we believe in what we do, South Range informs and listens through multiple channels with candor and total transparency.

We enhance confidence in and credibility of the district by maximizing "return on investment" for taxpayers through better engagement with the community.

District Culture
We develop and nurture partnerships with families and staff to share, reinforce, cultivate and adapt to the values and traditions of our district and community.