Technology Updates

Last Updated: 3/19/2020 Last Updated: 3/23/2020 9:39 PM

Google Hangouts Meet

There are three things about "Google Hangouts Meet" that we need to consider over "hangouts" for meeting purposes... yes these are two different things which makes no sense at all!

  1. You can create a "Google hangouts meet" meeting link when creating a calendar entry and invitation.
  2. You can call into a "Google hangouts Meet" but not a basic Hangouts
  3. You can video record a "Google hangouts Meet" but not a basic Hangouts



You can also turn the Google Hangeouts chat feature on in email.  I have attached a picture of this setting.

In email go to the Gear icon in the upper right corner.

Select settings.

Select Chat in the top menu.

Chat: select Chat on.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion.  At the end of the day, it seems like Google merged Hangouts with Meet and calling it Google Hangout Meets.

A News Article provide by George that explains the future of Google Hangouts -


Classroom Tutorial - Thanks Mike.

For anyone who needs a brush up on classroom, here are some quick videos.


YouTube App

See this quick reference document to use the YouTube app to upload and share youtube videos.

/userfiles/6/my files/youtube recording app.pdf?id=4565


VLC Media Player

VLC media player is for playing DVDs on your computer windows media player will not play DVDs any longer in windows 10.


Google Meeting

YouTube Tutorial Video

Thank You Mr. Sobota!


Connecting to your voicemail:

1.) Call your school number i.e., 330-549-2163 for the High School
2.) Enter your extension when the recording starts - "Thank You for call South Range High.....
3.) Press *
4.) Enter your voicemail passcode.
5.) Follow the prompts
6.) Option "6" will let you change your name greeting and voicemail greeting!

Google Jamboard Resources:


Google Meetings

We have fixed the few issues that would complicate using google meetings in a remote classroom setting now teachers can create meetings and allow others to attend those meetings either through a code or through google calendar. The meetings can also be saved for later to google drive should the teacher want to. Students can join meetings but cannot create them. Guests can be invited to a meeting even if they are not a staff or student.


Zoom Meetings

Earlier today (3/16/20) the zoom app for chromebooks was being blocked that is no longer the case and zoom meetings can now be created and joined as needed for both staff and students. Updated (3/23/20) - Zoom meetings can run longer than 40 minutes and you can host up to 100 people -
Zoom App Chrome Store Link


District App Share

This google drive share is setup for any applications that staff request for home use so far SmartBoard 19 has been requested for home use. Please check your email for any licences or the link to the share.

Smart Board 19 allows the creation and editing of smart notebook files please do note these cannot be opened up on chromebooks.


Student Emails

The Student Email Master List below is now updated every night from progress book all students that are in that system are shown on this sheet and should have a login to both computers and email. To access these lists you must be signed into a south range email account.


Student Email Master List 1 to 12 Guest

Should a student be unable to login to their account as provided above please use the sheet below filling out as much information as possible will speed up the process of getting the student online.


Student Account Verification