Superintendent's Message

Bethany Carlson

South Range Families and Staff,

It is an incredible honor for me to serve our community as the Superintendent of South Range Local Schools. When I was selected, I would never have imagined that I we would be facing a pandemic let alone two years of one. I am truly grateful and amazed by the individuals who have stepped up to offer assistance, the flexibility and perseverance of the staff, and the dedication of the South Range Administrative Team. I know that we have developed a consciously responsible plan to bring our staff and students back to the building, while taking into account what is best for our South Range school community. I am excited to let our school community know that everyone's hard work and dedication to in person learning is the reason our students continue to excel. 

Throughout my career as an educator, curriculum director, and principal I have taken great pride in
the belief that “all” students are capable of being successful when provided with the resources,
support, and opportunity to do so. It is our job as educators to help students flourish and reach their
unlimited potential. You have my word that when making decisions, they will always be made with
the students’ best interest at heart. 

As a parent (Gavin Batdorff) and wife (Eric Carlson, President/Owner of "Joe" Dickey Electric) of South Range graduates, my intentions are to continue to build on the
traditions that have made South Range Local Schools the “Excellent” school system that it is today.
Through collaboration and innovation, I know that our administrative team and staff will continue to
seek new ways to challenge our students and ensure we are preparing them for whatever path they
choose. Throughout the year, I look forward to becoming involved with the many community and
school organizations and seeing the students excel academically and athletically. You will find me at the various school events and I hope you take the opportunity to stop and introduce yourself.

With Raider Pride,
Bethany A. Carlson

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